An idea’s birth is something unpredictable, it strikes.

At times we feel perplexed until the moment that we see it getting shape and finally complete. A project is born like a creative answer to a need, a need to reflect outside all the emotions felt insight in that particular moment. Through drawing one tries to photograph the moment and then reproduce the same emotions to the observer. The idea in itself is just the beginning of a long path of designing and producing and at the end you can admire its crucial essence.

“Life runs when you put no hardiness to the flow..
And, throught the tide,
all the need comes.”

Ideas that meet the matter.

The Lesko design starts from simple sketches, ideas that meet the matter, first in graphic project of architects and then becoming reality in production.


01. Drawing

The idea gets shaped on paper and then its location in the market is valued.

02. Design

From the technical development of the idea, the samples are made to be later tested.

03. Realisation

After being tested and certificated, it can be produced in series.