Since ancient times Alchemy, beyond being a physic and chemic discipline, implies an experience of growing, a natural process of setting free and because of this we at Lesko observe everything around us in every production activity, from single nature elements to architecture of design.

The creative element allows to anyone to express its unique essence.
Like alchemists, the Lesko designers combine the first elements of the Arke’ systems (slide and cursors) and give life to new products.This possibility is given also to the final client which can also become a designer himself by composing profiles and accessories and creating new exclusive products.


The range of system Arke’ accessories allows us to dare with multiple combinations in just a little time and also with a few equipments to create parapets of different shapes and combinations until the sunscreen system, and later wonder in the infinite world of interior design.


The synergy between sledges and cursors, many times transforms the final product by giving live to new combinations and realisations. For example, by starting from a parapet system you can have an illumination system by only modifying just a few elements.


One of the most fundamental and indispensable terms during the design phase is the perfection of the assembly and posture times. The Lesko products are not only beautiful but also functional, during assembly and posture times too. To assemble every element you need just three allen keys, the elimination of the visible screws in comparison with the precedent versions, allows to modify during posture times with just a simple cut, without having the need to come back at the workshop for further work.


Our experimentation is a method of research and verification, imprinted in the direction to give to the client the possibility of being proved. Like in the gear system, a game of having the possibility to reinvent our spaces with multiple spaces and combinations, that our products offer. We believe that the materials we use can give a different light to the personal spaces.

The research becomes life when it can be shared.